3 November 2008


Yes, you can be a part of it.

American performance artists Johanna Linsley and Brian Lobel present You & Brian Watch the U.S. Presidential Elections, November 4, 2008.

The name says it all. Basically, you (we) and Brian (and Johanna) watch the U.S. presidential elections together. In London. Specifically at the Queen Mary University Boiler Room, Mile End. From 11:00 to whenever the result is called. There will be couches (lounges/sofas), American-style food, televisions and computers screening as many election broadcasts as possible and a lot of interesting (and interested) people. Undoubtedly much conversing.

What better way to spend Tuesday - likely to be one of the most important days of the decade, if not the century - than with a group of aware and inspired individuals? The beauty of You & Brian is that it enables an environment which inevitably gives a world view on what is essentially a national event, though a national event which will have large international repercussions

Johanna and Brian are obviously conscious of the gravity of Tuesday's events, but You & Brian Watch the U.S. Presidential Elections is not all serious politics, serious debate and serious documentation. It is all those things and it's a chance to have fun, laugh at the world and certainly not take anything too seriously.

Johanna said: "I had a dream about Barack Obama the other night. That's not the weird thing, though. The weird thing is that everyone I know is dreaming about Barack Obama. In my dream, I was petting him on the head. I don't know what that means, but it feels powerful, somehow."

Why not join in on the dream? Live feed of the event can be viewed at www[dot]cam4[dot]com/YouAndBrian. Please note this is an adult site.

If you are interested in attending You & Brian Watch the U.S. Presidential Elections please email me for further information.


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