18 March 2017

Use “Loge” in a Sentence @ Meeting Points 8, Brussels

Back in December 2016, I participated in Use “Loge” in a Sentence, a writing project by Mirene Arsanios with invited participants Alberto García del Castillo, Philippine Hoegen, Ghislaine Leung, Natasha Papadopoulou, Michaël Van den Abeele, Kym Ward, and myself.

Each of us were asked to respond with a text to a short sentence containing the word "lodge" (or "loge" in French), and to reflect on that word's various architectural, esoteric, and metaphorical meanings. The eight resulting texts were read out loud on two different nights as part of the Brussels leg of Mophradat's Meeting Points 8: Both Sides of the Curtain, hosted at La Loge, 7-17 December 2016.

To read my text, which was performed by artist Marnie Slater, please click here: https://www.academia.edu/31918250/_Use_Loge_in_a_Sentence_ed._Mirene_Arsanios_Meeting_Points_8_Both_Sides_of_the_Curtain_Brussels_2016

Thanks to Mirene, Alberto, Philippine, Ghislaine, Natasha, Michaël, Kym, and Marnie, as well as organisers Mai Abu ElDahab and Lauren Wetmore, with Malak Helmy, Raimundas Malašauskas, and Christophe Wavelet.


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