2 September 2016

"Pale Like A Fish" by Ella Sutherland (2016)

On 8 July 2016, Sydney-based New Zealand artist and designer Ella Sutherland launched her book Pale Like A Fish in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Published by North Projects and Ilam Press, and printed by Gemma Banks on risograph, the paperback publication sits somewhere between an exhibition catalogue and an artist book.

Designed by Sutherland, Pale Like A Fish expands on her 2015 exhibition at North Projects, Boring month start to finish, the whole month (12 September – 17 October).

The book "brings together a series of contributions from artists, writers and designers, developing a territory to think about the navigation of text, language and design in printed spaces. The publication seeks to position the page as a space to work in and outside of commercial endeavors; looking at how the influence of gesture and narrative in understanding ‘typical’ reading spaces may include detour and occasion, rereading and exchange."

Inviting peers and collaborators to contribute, Sutherland's Pale Like A Fish mixes forms and formats including an essay by curator Sophie Davis, an interview with Newspaper Reading Club (Fiona Connor & Michala Paludan), poetry by artist and musician Dawn Blood, excerpts from an ongoing email correspondence between Sutherland and I (set in the typeface [Re] Scan, which she designed based on my handwriting), artist pages by Riet Wijnen, as well as drawings and imagery of Sutherland's dispersed throughout.

Printed to an edition of 200, you can obtain a copy for NZ$15 + postage by contacting North Projects at: info@northprojects.co.nz.

Many thanks to Ella.

ISBN 978-0-473-36239-3.


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