15 August 2016

Dissect #3 - exhibition and journal contribution

To coincide with the launch of Dissect Journal #3, on Wednesday 17 August 2016 the exhibition Tell Me What You Have and I Will Know What You Are opens to the public at Unit 32, 2 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

Curated by Dissect co-editor, Audrey Schmidt, the show is open 10am to 6pm every day from Wednesday morning through Sunday 21 August 2016. Facebook event!

Hosted in an Airbnb apartment in the centre of Melbourne during precisely the same dates as the Spring 1883 art fair in order to highlight a "fully managed artificiality," the location "speaks to the merging of public and private spheres." The exhibition includes "artists whose work focuses on ‘the body’: embodiment, the collective body, the body as an institution (‘the body corporate’), the body as vessel, as commodity and as site of production. In varied ways, the work featured engages with the intersections between subjectivity/identity, art, commerce, technology, critical theory and political activism as it relates to ‘the body.’"

The artists are: Anastasia Klose, Body by Body, Callan Bradley Hales, Cristine Brache, Eleanor Ivory Weber, Hana Earles, James Ferraro, Karen Finley, Katherine Botten, Katie West, Monica's Gallery, Natasha Madden, Phebe Schmidt, Quintessa Matranga, Rare Candy, Ruth O'Leary, Tanja Ostojić.

Though my name accidentally doesn't appear on this lovely handmade poster by Melbourne artist Natasha Madden above, I have a piece in the show, a revised version of a two-page text titled "Monica Lewinsky" that I wrote for my exhibition No Private Problems, held at M.I/mi1glissé earlier this year. The new text, "Instruction: Lie Down on the Bed and Read," invites you to do just that, and includes the custom typeface designed by Ella Sutherland based on my handwriting. You are invited to keep the A4 sheet once you have read it.

Edit: Install pics via Audrey Schmidt (with Ruth O'Leary & Phebe Schmidt work visible):

And more here: http://dissectjournal.com/exhibition/.

For those who aren't in Melbourne or cannot make the exhibition, I hope you will have the chance to obtain the 3rd issue of Dissect Journal, whose theme is also "the body." I have some artist pages, also from the above-mentioned Berlin project, including a new introductory text and the first publication of exhibited text-based posters and a photograph.

Edited by Audrey Schmidt, Chloe Sugden and Zoe Theodore, and designed by Clare Wohlnick, the issue includes contributions from: Philip Auslander, Dodie Bellamy, Eva Birch, Ramsay Burt, Travis Chamberlain, Amy Charlesworth, Andrea Fraser, Tim Gentles, Isabelle Graw, Amelia Groom, Aurelia Guo, K8 Hardy, Chris Kraus, Carol Que, Ander Rennick, Amelia Winata, Jarrod Zlatic, and many of the artists in Tell Me What You Have and I Will Know What You Are.

It will be a great read and can be pre-ordered online here, and will be available in good book stores.

Many thanks to Audrey.


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