23 March 2016

SafARI - Internet Super Highway 2016

SafARI is the off-space or Artist-Run Initiative (ARI, hence the name) program timed to coincide with the opening weeks of the Biennale of Sydney, and aimed at showcasing the work of emerging and unrepresented artists. SafARI is hosted by independent Sydney venues and has a program of exhibitions, events, publications and online components.

I was invited to contribute something to the online program Internet Super Highway (ISH), organised by Kailana Sommer, Benjamin Forster, Jack Lanagan Dunbar and Emilia Batchelor.

ISH is a multi-faceted week-long program that runs twice over a fortnight, 14 - 27 March 2016, between the hours 21:00 - 09:00 AEST (that is, 11:00 - 23:00 CET).

The program includes amazing work by Australian artists including Lachlan Anthony, Elena Betros, Deborah Birch, Bonita Bub, Simonne Goran, Aurelia Guo, Megan Hanson, KK+JLD, Del Lumanta, Kate MacDonald, Rowan Oliver & Louise Dibben, Marnie Slater (NZ), Tosha Van Veenendaal, Emile Zile, and many more.

I selected some texts (by Michel Foucault, Keith Hart, Sarah Kane, Samo Tomšič) for download as part of 'Reading is free-ish' (Tuesdays 15 & 22 March), plus 'Tele ~ visions' (Sundays 20 & 27 March) includes a video recording of a reading I did in Sydney in 2014 as part of GOB fest.

You can download the full program here: http://www.ᔕᗅᖴᕱᖇᑊ.com/ISH/all/program.pdf

To access ISH (but only between 21:00 and 09:00 AEST, at all other times you will see the regular SafARI website), click:



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