3 January 2016

Quote of the day, yay!

'Any egalitarian project, whether directed to the equalization of relations between the sexes, or between races, classes, or ethnicities, is, for Irigaray, antagonistic to the project of the specification of differences. Egalitarianism entails a neutral measure for the attainment of equality, a measure that invariably reflects the value of the dominant position. Egalitarianism entails becoming equal to a given term, ideal, or value. Irigaray's work on sexual difference, along with the writings of other feminists and antiracists focused on the work of specifying irreducible differences, problematizes any given norm by which sexes or races can be measured independent of the sexes and races thus measured. Equality in its most far-reaching sense involves the creation of multiple norms and the recognition of multiple positions and not the acceptance of a norm or value based on the dominant position, as most forms of egalitarianism entail. It is her anti-egalitarianism, her anti-essentialism and her refusal to privilege the present and the actual over the future and the virtual that mark Irigaray's unique and ongoing contribution to philosophy, and that are key elements of her understanding of sexual difference.'

-- Elizabeth Grosz, Becoming undone: Darwinian reflections on life, politics, and art, Duke University Press 2011, p. 148


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