4 January 2017

Oslo Art Weekend & review of Sandra Mujinga @ Oslo Kunstforening

In mid-October 2016 I had my first trip to Norway as part of the Oslo Art Weekend visiting critics program.

Some highlights included, in alphabetical order: Nina Bang's solo show Birding at Kunstplass[10]; Ragna Bley's work in the group show Roaming at Unge Kunstneres Samfund (UKS); Benjamin Crotty's solo show at VI, VII; Tora Dalseng's solo show Lucky Night at Noplace; Elisabeth Haarr's solo show Strid at Kunsthall Oslo; Lotte Konow Lund's solo show Hold Everything Dear at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter; the project space Louise Dany, run by Ina Hagen and Daisuke Kosugi; the late Sidsel Paaske's retrospective On the verge (curated by Stina Högkvist) at the Museum of Contemporary Art; the exhibition space SCHLOSS, founded by artist Ida Ekblad and journalist Marie-Alix Isdahl Voisin; and the group show Kreuzberg Mega Show at artist-run gallery Slursula, which is located on a boat, especially the works by Liv Ertzeid, Melanie Kitti, Helena Lund Ek, and Urd J. Pedersen!

Sidsel Paaske:

Kos and Ina of Louise Dany:

Urd J. Pedersen's watercolour Angel/Anger (2016):

Furthermore, Sandra Mujinga's exhibition Real Friends, held at Oslo Kunstforening, 14 October - 13 November 2016, was brilliant. I reviewed it for the current issue of frieze magazine (no. 184, January-February 2017):

You can also read it online here: https://frieze.com/article/sandra-mujinga.

Many thanks to OAW organisers Elisabeth Byre, Stina Högkvist, Jenny Kinge and Mike Sperlinger!


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