8 January 2013

SAME at FELTspace

SAME is a publishing project I have been working on collaboratively with Jack Jeweller, Robert Milne and Marian Tubbs for about six months.

SAME is both a collaborative process and a publication, where roles of artist/designer/curator/writer are jumbled and the resulting work is a non-authored, unlimited edition, no rights reserved, 300-page object/book containing selected pictures (collated over the months on SAME's Facebook profile, Merj Ness), multi-translated texts by other people, and an installation at FELTspace in Adelaide (running 9 through 26 January 2013).

This was all made possible thanks to The Writing Project, coordinated by Polly Dance of FELTspace. This project invited four groups of four artist/designer/curator/writer teams from around Australia to produce something that thinks about what 'critical arts writing' might be. Here's some sneak previews from SAME:

The project's launch will be this Wednesday 9 January 2013 at FELTspace, 12 Compton Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000. The launch commences at 5pm with floor talks by some of those involved (see below). Then, on Friday 11 January 2013 at 6pm there will be a more formal panel discussion with representatives from each group. The FELTspace presentation, including display of each group's project and SAME's exhibition-component, will be on show through Saturday 26 January 2013, but the publications shall live on.

The four selected 'teams' include SAME (Sydney, New South Wales) and:

CRAZY IN LOVE (Melbourne, Victoria) - Holly Childs, Brennan Olver, Oliver van der Lugt, Rohan Whiteley

NUCLEI (Hobart/Launceston, Tasmania) - Fernando do Campo, Laura Hindmarsh, Claire Krouzecky, Alex Nielsen

BETWEEN ARCHITECTURE (Melbourne, Victoria) - Vivien Hollingsworth, Therese Keogh, Tim Royall, Jacqui Shelton

For more information on The Writing Project, visit the Facebook event. For more information on SAME, check out or wonderful website at s-a-m-e.org. Preview here:

You can order a copy of SAME through Lulu print-on-demand by following this link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/same/same/paperback/product-20604541.html


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