29 December 2012


If anyone is looking for a great new font, ZXX is the one!

Designed by Sang Mun, ZXX functions like an obstacle course for online surveillance machines as they scour our texts for marketing and 'other' purposes. Instead of allowing words to be read clearly, ZXX provides four levels of disguise after the standard Sans model: Camo, False, Noise and Xed. Any or all of these can be used/combined to make it more difficult for your words to be intercepted by surveillance programs and the like.

It seems to my elementary understanding that such programs pull out keywords and triggers from users to generate a profile of our (online) identity that fits with a binary classification model. This product or that product; criminal or innocent; pervert or researcher. Whether this is so a company can market you the ideal tummy trimmer you never knew you didn't need, or so that a government can trace your personal emails - do we really want them reading everything? It's not a question of 'having nothing to hide' but rather of the right to privacy. And that is not criminal.

Visit z-x-x.org for more information and watch the clip below for the designer's explanation of the project:

Thanks to designer Robert Milne of RAINOFF fame for informing me of ZXX!


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