20 January 2012

Nuno da Luz at Vera Cortês

For those in Lisboa this Saturday (21 January 2012), head to the opening of artist Nuno da Luz's first solo show at Vera Cortês Art Agency, which runs through 3 March 2012.

The show is titled O nosso silêncio é um aviso / O nosso silêncio é sólido after the group of works included, and comprises aural/spatial propositions that explore ideas around experience and its recording (remembering) via technological means. The artist endeavours to highlight the potential contained in the deterioration of records, as opposed to aspiring to the perfect rendering of experience lived, which ever-newer technologies ceaselessly claim to offer us.

As Sílvia Prudêncio writes in the press release, Nuno's aim is 'to allow us to embrace imponderability, to make use of improvisation as strategy. To suspend control, to reconcile uncertainties is to know the nature of things... [The work] is based on a eulogy to the poetic dimension of all disrupting factors, be they catastrophes or everyday coincidences.'

The opening will also include a concert from Manuel Mota and Margarida Garcia from 23h00.

Check it out!


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