6 December 2011

I'm with you at Occupy London/Bank of Ideas

This Thursday 8 December 2011 for 20:00 head down to the occupied ex-UBS building at 17-29 Sun Street EC2 for I'm with you's latest event, I'm with Occupy!

I'm with you is an ongoing collective performance project conceived and produced by Johanna Linsley, R Justin Hunt and Christa Holka, which has so far popped up in gardens, houses, clubs, books and clifftops around London and England.

I'm with Occupy will be the eighth incarnation of the I'm with you performance event project which, according to their website, "has something to do with weirdness, if weird could mean collapsing contingency, necessity, function and awareness. Not quite, but not unrelated to, ‘queer’ ..."

In the context of Occupy London and the Bank of Ideas, I'm with you comes to show the power of communal organisation and energy as a driving force for finding new ways to invest time and spend it (largely without spending £)!

As such, the event will be a "coordinated set of un-harmonious performance outbursts, as friends of I'm with you contribute song-length flash performances to the growing alternative investment structure." It will be a "collaborative, simply produced presentation of complicated (or not so complicated) ideas, emotions and experiences related to occupation, solidarity, righteous anger and desire (with a healthy dose of ridiculosity, glamour and hysteria)."

Come down!

For more information, visit the Facebook event page.


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