18 January 2012

I Hurt I Am In Fashion

Check this genius fashion blog called I Hurt I Am In Fashion:


Some of the most astute fashion commentary I've read in a long time. So glad someone has decided to put in writing what has been going on unvoiced in many of our heads for a long time!

IHIIF has been going strong for about 18 months now and has recently taken up residency in Jalouse magazine with a monthly contribution. It will be interesting to see how such a critical stance goes in the context of a fashion magazine. Could Jalouse's own pages potentially be victim to the IHIIF treatment? Or will IHIIF tone it down for the pristine gloss of printed fash?

About a year ago, IHIIF's anonymous author contacted me, when I responded positively and curiously, asking why it was started, etc., s/he provided a kind of manifesto in email-form. Here it is, from 15 January 2011:

i started IHIIF because i felt enough is enough
i use stereotypes to fight stereotypes
i fashionleak what everyone knows but no one talks about
i rub shoulders with the industry through mutual acquaintances
but instead of patting it on the back like everyone else i prefer to slap it
i'm a 5-month-old baby and growing quickly
and i will keep posting. indefinitely.
because i hurt, and i hurt because i am in fashion

Keep hurting!

(Maybe the next one will be called I Hurt I Am In The Art World? Starring HUO?)


Anonymous iakov said...

yes please re i hurt i am in the art world.

20 January, 2012 00:08  

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