23 July 2009

A Perfectly Corrupt blogosphere

New blog alert: perfectlycorrupt.blogspot.com

At the risk of being considered not only a shameless self-promoter, but one who shamelessly promotes all her friends' work as well, I am posting a link to Jerico Lee's brilliant new blog, Imperial Junk. I am doing this because I believe it is splendidly written and because, as with everything I put on this blog, I just believe in it - full stop.

Imperial Junk is in its early stages, but if the post 'Have you heard of Ryan Trecartin?' is anything to go by, this is most definitely a blog worth bookmarking. The article feels refreshing and relevant - something I've been craving - and, what's more, I actually want to finish reading it (you'll have to forgive my short attention-span, it's a symptom of the Image Age, but you know that only too well, I'm sure). That aside, perhaps this is a hint of what's to come from 'Gen Y' (Jerico's term) art writers in both style and content - if this be the case, I very much look forward to the future of art writing.

To be sure, I know we've all got a long way to go in terms of what, how and why we write. The dissemination of our writing is also a big issue now - how do we get people to read what we write? Does it matter if they do or don't? But the crucial task - for everyone who likes to string words together - is discovering what exactly it is we are trying to say. I wonder: What are we talking about when we write about 'art' or write as 'art', after all? Why do we bother?

I'm still figuring it out, but meantime I am excited and encouraged to read things like Imperial Junk. All is not lost - great writing exists, even in the Image Age. I am starting to realise that new and brilliant art words are emerging, and are coming from skilled and trustworthy ('young') hands.

Some other good words to check out (please send me more links!):

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EDIT: Imperial Junk can now be found at imperialjunk.blogspot.com


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