2 March 2018

"Cuz Words" @ feeelings/Triangle France, Marseille

Last year I was invited by the Brussels project space feeelings (artists Camille Gérenton & Anouchka Oler) to contribute to their event "Cuz Words", hosted at Triangle France, Marseille.

The event occurred throughout the day of Saturday 18 November 2017 and featured the work of Simon Asencio, Jane Fawcett, Cave Club w/ Eugénie Zely, and myself, plus graphic design by Roxanne Maillet.

The event occurred in two parts, the afternoon session (Zély and Fawcett) was held at Plage des Catalans and the evening session at Friche La Belle de Mai (Asencio and me). There is more information about "Cuz Words" on the Marseille Expos website: http://www.marseilleexpos.com/blog/2017/10/03/cuz-words-par-feelings/.

I presented a reading of a reworking of Walter J. Ong's Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word (1982), as published in the Bâtard festival reader. I spoke with a microphone; I moved around the space where the audience were seated or stood, I sat or stood. The delivery took over 45 minutes, people left, or came and went, as needed; and at a certain point I pressed play on a phased and repeated version of the track "Choked by the Invisible Hand" by IITF, continuing to read alongside it.

For more documentation of the event, please see here: https://feeelings.hotglue.me/?cuzwords.

Merci mille fois Camille, Anouchka, et Simon.


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