29 May 2016

On A Constructed World for Peeping Tom's Digest #4: Paris

About a year ago, I wrote about the Paris-based Australian artists A Constructed World in response to their round-table performance Like I talk to you right now (23 May 2015, La Maison Rouge, Paris, France).

ACW describe the performance (pictured below): 'In the luminous room of Antoine de Galbert’s collection of unassigned masks and headdress, amongst a removed shamanistic, ritualistic alterity, A Constructed World at Large present a hallucinating group and an open score about truth becoming negative. From a fragmented position inside language and outside of supervision the group considers the true and the false in a search for conversation that is both ubiquitous and invisible. And objects speak.'

My text, titled ACW: What Happened in the Performance Yesterday (for you)? What Occured? was commissioned by Peeping Tom and appears in their 4th digest exploring contemporary art scenes around the world, 'Paris: Le Grand et au-delà'. This bilingual (French and English) issue of the digest features 70 contributors and 'teases out an offbeat and distanced portrait of the Parisian and French scene'.

The launch of the publication is next Thursday 2 June 2016 at Shanaynay in Paris, from 18:00 to 21:00. See Peeping Tom site for more info, or the FB event.

Thanks to Geoff Lowe and Jacqueline Riva (ACW), to editor Caroline Niemant, and to translator Clémence de Montgolfier.

EDIT: You can access the text online here:



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