15 May 2016

In development: Vanishing Point

On 18 September 2015, Melbourne-based artist Shian Law, presented a showing of his new work Vanishing Point at Arts House's Meat Market venue in North Melbourne.

Currently in-development, the work is described as:

'a hybrid performance documentary exploring acts of self-preservation within an ephemeral art form. With a crew of filmmakers, choreographer Shian Law strategically captures, archives and fabricates the process of his collaborations with dance luminaries Deanne Butterworth and Phillip Adams. As the cameras historicise each artist the question emerges, “whose f*cking work actually is this?”'

I was invited by Law to write the text script for Vanishing Point, which is read out live by a narrator during the performance. An initial version of this text was presented for the 2015 showing, with the final, longer version in-development for the premiere in 2017.

An excerpt from my text:

What you have seen, heard and spoken could be revived at any moment. But how would you know if you had seen, heard, spoken it before? It will have changed, and you won’t even have noticed; it will have changed while you weren’t looking. While you were off doing something else, looking at something else. No need to keep looking here. This will lead somewhere else. You won’t even remember if what you were seeing, hearing or speaking was fake, whether it was a stand-in, or the real thing.

Many thanks to Shian for taking a chance on me. I am excited to continue working on this project, and to see its outcome in 2017!


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