20 May 2013

Asta Meldal Lynge @ Luce Gallery

Artist Asta Meldal Lynge's first solo show is opening at Luce Gallery in Torino, Italy tomorrow, Tuesday 21 May 2013 at 18.30.

For those in town or passing through, I highly recommend visiting Luce to see Asta's work. She works predominantly with moving image, but also makes gestural, often primary-coloured collage and installations. Her visually and aurally stunning video work Lobbies (2012) - the Danmark-born artist's graduate work at Central Saint Martins College in London - premiered at Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, and has subsequently been exhibited in Sydney and New York City.

This exhibition, Asta's first in Italy, runs through Friday 12 July 2013 and will include a new video work titled Camera Shake (2013), which, as the press release explains "encompasses a sequence of recordings of different facades and buildings but the camera is violently shaken and this distorts the image which is then somewhat restored in the editing of the video; here Asta re-positions every single frame (25 fps) in an attempt to sustain a still shot of the subject, independent of the initial composition of the original frame of the video. The video-image appearing in Camera Shake fluctuates between surface-abstraction and object-representation, revealing the edge of the video-frame ..."

Camera Shake furthers Asta's sustained interest in architectural forms, spatial configuration and particularly the experience of these physical and social structures as images (as in Lobbies and an earlier work Gordon House (Lights) (2010), among others). In addition to her new video, Asta will show a wall of works installed on sheetrock/drywall. The press release suggests of the latter work:

"The installation is at once image and wall, autonomous and self-contained in its dismissal of the existing architecture of the gallery. Ruminating on the system of display, this intervention presents itself as part of a greater system of images."

The press release further describes: "The conditions of the frame (be that one from a video or an actual physical boundary) allow the materials of the works and their inherent metaphorical abilities to be formalized, thus offering a view into our understanding of images as well as technological acuity in obtaining visible impressions."

A must-see show if you can! If you're visiting Venezia for that other big art event, why not consider driving or taking the train to Torino for this and other great galleries in the city? It will be worth it.

For more information, visit astalynge.info or lucegallery.com.


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