11 April 2013

Tony Abbott: Is That All There Is?

The Australian federal election is coming up on 14 September 2013 - just five short months away.

The two contenders for the top job (yes, we live in a 'democracy'; there are only two choices!) are current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and the man featured in the video below, Tony Abbott of the Liberal Party of Australia.

This video, uploaded to Facebook by one Cormac O'Riordan and shared by circa 56,000 people, is a must-watch - especially for anyone with even the slightest doubt that Gillard is the woman for the job:

Please circulate widely (http://raddestrightnow.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/tony-abbott-is-that-all-there-is.html).

And what the heck, while I'm at it, as a counter-point, may I humbly remind you of Ms. Gillard's inspring speech of 8 October 2012, where she rightly labelled Mr. Abbott a misogynist, among other things:

Lastly, to finish, a quote from Paul Keating (Prime Minister of Australia, 1991-96):

'I mean, if Tony Abbott ends up the Prime Minister of Australia, you've got to say "God help us". Truly an intellectual nobody, and no policy ambition. Is that all there is? You know the song, Is That All There Is?'


Anonymous FK said...

Good work but the format needs to be diversified. Vid plays for about twenty seconds and stops and loads really crap. And I wanna see it all

16 April, 2013 11:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this somewhere other than facebook

29 April, 2013 13:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its rather sad to see that rusted on labor supporters are so deluded. truth stares them in the face with the most inept,incompetent and corrupt party Australia has seen.Yet they cling on to it. sad, so sad. A traitor as leader, as well as being under investigation for fraud, goodness, what next.
As for being a mysogenist...how, he has a wife, 3 daughters, donates and has set up shelters for women, has a gay sister...c'mon...

04 May, 2013 07:25  

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