23 June 2010

l'honneur de timur

For those in Paris, I highly recommend checking the l'honneur de timur launch this Saturday 26 June.

l'honneur de timur is a performative brand, conceived by Anastasia Freygang, whose first collection will be exhibited on Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00 at 22 rue Jean Moinon 75010.

This collection consists of three series - Israel, Moscow, Marseille - with each comprising ten limited edition pieces. Each ten have been 'altered through different landscapes and somatic procedures', so are not only entirely unique but have themselves experienced the physical journey through countries and landscapes with their creator.

In Israel they bathed in the Dead Sea for 24 hours.
In Moscow they were attacked by les chiens sauvages.
In Marseille they rubbed with bodies on the red-dirt hills.

The concept is about 'relating clothing to circumstances' and sharing processes and experiences. This will be done via a showroom including installations, videos and live soundscapes (Paris Suit Yourself, Blue In The Face), with each garment being accompanied by a publication.

Images, text, video, cloth are thus presented as residue and documents of lived events, to be relived together in a new context and taken on new travels.

Visit lhonneurdetimur.com to watch footage and subscribe for more info.


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