1 September 2009

Supreme Essessten

Attempt: Show package as editorial by Eleanor Weber.

As per usual, Supreme Management's show package is just beyond.

The photographs are taken by Swedish photographer, Hanna Liden, who has a BFA in Photography from Parsons, New York. I am already a huge fan of Liden's work, which is just so amazingly beautiful, but what makes me love it even more is the way she manages to cross into fashion imagery so un-self-consciously. Somehow, she manages to translate her magically otherworldly, yet grounded earthly landscape (art)works into fantastic in-studio fashion shots/portraits. And she does this without losing her unique sense of nature, of the uncanny, or of - oddly for fashion - the truth.

Thus, it is no surprise that Supreme once again produces the most inspiring, challenging, interesting show-cards of the season. I admire Paul Rowland so much for what he is doing with Supreme; hence the modelling industry; hence fashion at large. I recently wrote of the need to push for new modes in fashion, giving the imagery of i-D magazine as an example of the direction we need to be moving - and as testimony to it being one of the possible proponents of the change fashion needs.

Paul Rowland is undoubtedly one resolutely positioned in the changers' camp. His representation of models as women with personalities and extra-curricular passions that are essential to her modeling career, as opposed to peripheral or played-down, has heralded a new genre of model; his 'naturalisation' of modeling paraphernalia (i.e. cards, show packages, portfolios, etc.) is groundbreaking; and his forging of links with other creatives in the industry (photographers, stylists, artists, writers, magazines, etc.) has created a new precedent for what model representation can be. Rowland is making change in an industry who is having change forced upon it [read: this] - and this is the way forward.

So, as a celebration not just of a beautiful show package, but of a new series of beautiful images, I have edited a little editorial out of Supreme's wonderful Spring/Summer 2010 pictures, starring some of my all-time favourite Supremes.

Photography: Hanna Liden
Styling: Sally Lyndley
Makeup: Mariel Barrer
Hair: Dennis Gots
Models (in order of appearance): Suvi, Iris, Evelina, Alyona, Karolin, Hanne, Daiane, Darya, Alana, Flo, Ranya

(Pics courtesy of Models.com)


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