20 August 2009

Me Right Now, you Jane Doe

Meet Jane Doe:


She's the brilliant new image-blog of a young group of Sydney-based photographers. She's fresh and she's fun. Her interface is Mondrian-inspired (or maybe that's just my impression). She has silly post-titles that are also clever but not in that too-cool-for-school way. Sometimes she doesn't have post-titles at all.

Jane Doe is a document, a diary, a digest. Meanwhile, she can also be spontaneous, unpleasant or mundane. She doesn't have commitment issues and she lives life close enough to the edge to be interesting, but not so close she risks falling into the void ...

You want Jane Doe in your life, and with one easy click you can have her.

Jane Doe-land is maintained by:

Jack Dunbar
Leon Batchelor
Robbie Whitehead
Tosh van Veenendaal

Take a visit, but be careful, it's a jungle out there ...


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