9 February 2009


Markn Ogue
is a London-based photographer. This is one of his first ever photographs. It is a picture of his brother which exists as a print in his family home. The photograph was taken on film.

As a contribution to RIGHT NOW, Markn photographed the print with a digital camera and downloaded it to my computer. I then printed that photograph on A4 paper and photocopied it for the zine. I really love the multiple processes this image has been through, and that the final phase of the process is the photocopy being scanned and uploaded as a digital file for this blog.

I think this is a truly special photograph. You can see the rip across the boy's nose. This is something which exists in the print itself, a testament to the age of the photograph and it's place in the family home; unframed, I assume, and thus touched (physically and psychologically) with emotion possibly every day.

I love that the rip has remained throughout the whole reproduction process and is still visible in this last blog-stage: as a digital file of a photocopy of a digitally photographed print. Markn says the print was one of his first, and was made when he first began taking photographs and falling in love with photography. There is a certain pertinence to the fact that this very early work remains all these years later the photo which is most important to him. It is equally significant that the subject of such a portrait is his brother.

For me, the complex - yet self-imposed - process this image has gone through fits perfectly with my feelings about process in general and the intrinsic role it plays in this zine.

This beautiful and apt addition to RIGHT NOW was the second contribution I received.


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