22 February 2009

Ohne Titel FW09

Ohne titel, untitled, sans titre ... designers Alexa Adams and Flora Gill apparently don't want to label themselves. I'm not so into labels either, but I'd like to acknowledge Ohne Titel for giving us this beautiful Fall/Winter 2009/10 collection.

I feel - right now - that I can't write about fashion collections without embodying the cliche I already represent, that everything I say will be inherently meaningless, so I will just leave you with a few of my favourite looks from a collection which I am incredibly partial to.

This feeling exists right now and may not have reason to exist in the future. This feeling is certainly not a comment on fashion commentary, rather a comment on commentary in general. After all, should it matter why I like this?:

Hanne Agnete Ali Karlie Pics: Style.com


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