2 February 2009

Models worth mentioning

Shows are coming soon! It's time for me to get my fashion cap on.

There hasn't been much of it in a while 'round this neck of the woods, so here's a big dose of models to re-inject RRN with some fash. I have high expectations for this season, Fashion better live up to them.

New York: 13-20 February
London: 20-25 February
Milano: 25 Febbraio-4 Marzo
Paris: 4-12 Mars

Ali/EliteAmanda/SupremeAnastasija/New YorkChanel/FordDaiane/SupremeDree/EliteFreja/IMGHollis/New YorkJennifer/FordJourdan/WomenKarlie/NextKatrin/WomenKinee/New YorkSophie/IMGStephanie/EliteSuvi/SupremeVanessa/IMGAnd more to come! All images from Models.com


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