21 December 2008


DEEP NOTE is a fantastic radio show run out of Goldsmiths University's student radio station, Wired, which focuses on the finest electronic music from around the world. The show is hosted and produced by Lucas Liccini and Peer Illner, both Germans living in London and both with a penchant for minimal electronic (please excuse my poor knowledge of musical terminology, I am terrible at naming genres, but I am under the impression this is the name commonly given to this style - listen the show and correct me if I'm wrong).

Lucas and Peer are now in their second season of DEEP NOTE, which airs every Friday from 5pm to 6:30pm. They intelligently discuss movements in electronic music, artist-collaborations, clubs, promoters, labels and history of electronic music as well as anecdotes of their own experiences as fans and creators of it.

Check out their website: DEEPNOTE.co.uk. There you can download podcasts of the show and weekly mixes by musicians such as Stefan Geyer, Edward Imber and Ed Davenport.

I really recommend DEEP NOTE if you are into electronic music and even if you aren't, because it might convert you. Either way, it certainly provides an entertaining and thoughtful insight into the genre.


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