17 December 2009

Nomenus Quarterly #8

Early this year I wrote about 'one of the best online magazines I've seen', Erik Madigan Heck's Nomenus Quarterly. I posted some pics from issue six and highlighted some of the reasons I thought it was so successful. It's now almost a year later and my good feeling about Nomenus Quarterly remains.

Today I was lucky enough to receive a taster of Nomenus #8, which will launch on Friday (New York time), and it looks set to be as carefully compiled and beautifully executed as the preceding seven issues. It is really worth keeping this lovely publication and website on your radar. Not only for the fabulous content it provides, but even for the website design and configuration itself - classy and simple. Kind of sums up Nomenus Quarterly to a tee.

So, FYI, a heads-up of some of the amazing things to expect from issue eight: 100 original photographs from the personal diaries of David Armstrong; a series of nudes shot for Nomenus Quarterly by Nadav Kander; Valentino Couture photographed by Erik Madigan Heck; paintings from and an interview with artist Rachel Feinstein; original works on paper by cartoonist Jeff Brown; an interview with the French composer Alexandre Desplat; paintings and an interview with Gerhard Richter; and A.F. Vandevorst versus Arvo Pärt in a three-part film by Heck.

Without going into too much detail, or indulging in verbosity as I tend to, I thought I'd let the images speak for themselves (especially because this is my first post using Blogger's 'updated' post editor and image upload programme - technical problems on my part a given). Please click to enlarge; works in order as per above list.

All images courtesy of Erik Madigan Heck and NomenusQuarterly.com


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