13 September 2009

Thinking fashion two

Some thought process(es) ...

American football (grid iron)

but new

and wearable
and cool
beautiful (strong) fabrics
and flattering / comfortable

Wang is very smart [market > survival > push (but not too far) new shapes (actually, this is new in itself!) > darling!]

you see?
It is also like TOUGHWEAR, like: protected and ready to take on world.

I think people will really WANT(crave) these clothes. And that is something RADICAL in this (fashionwise) day and age,
because we are tired.

We (I) say: give me something that looks TOUGH ! Protect me! Protegez-moi! And I want it to LAST. And I want it to be COOL.
that cool?
yeah, Al.


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