19 October 2015

HOTLINE +61 (0)285 990 669

Please call the HOTLINE: +61 (0)285 990 669
A new service by editionless editions.

HOTLINE is a system that allows anyone to either leave a message or listen to the previously recorded messages (these are randomly spliced into a seamless loop). It is very simple to use, here are the instructions:

— Call the number +61 (0)285 990 669 and follow the prompts.
— The recordings are limited to 2 minutes in length.
— Silence at the start and end of messages is automatically clipped.
— There is no limit on how many recordings you can make, but they may not be played back consecutively.
— If you hang up without saving the message, it will be automatically discarded.
— Due to the open form, there is no way of crediting contributors, but if you can include it within the recording if you desire.

Conceived by Benjamin Forster, HOTLINE was launched on 30 September, and publicly trialed as part of the National Experimental Arts Forum in Perth, Western Australia, on 5-6 October 2015. It is ongoing.

HOTLINE is a rewarding project to contribute a message to, knowing others will hear it, and the experience of calling in simply to listen is somehow therapeutic. This is not a self-help project, but a phone call is cheaper than a psychologist. It's a nice feeling just listening with no expectation of response or performance. The anonymity is reassuring and the thought of all these other listeners/speakers contributing at given moments in their own lives is humbling. Silence on the phone doesn't have to be threatening, this is not call-waiting and you are not on hold. Give it a ring.


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