19 April 2014

HTRK's Psychic 9-5 Club

One of Australia's most compelling music duos working today, HTRK are launching their third studio album Psychic 9-5 Club with gigs in Melbourne (The Hi-Fi) and Sydney (Civic Underground).

This is highly recommended listening. With a much more electronic vibe now the guitar has been totally removed from HTRK's output, Psychic 9-5 Club pulses through you like a slow-release body relaxant, as the psyche drifts into dreamy meanderings. That said, none of HTRK's signature heavy bass has gone away; they haven't gone ambient. On the contrary. This is the antidote to 9-5 monotony, or it's the sound of what gives that life-mode its poetics: repetition, dull hum, routine, moments of rupture, rhythm, entrapment, a vicious cycle.

Most of the songs treat the theme of love in its myriad manifestations. Just some of the lyrics: 'This time, I'm gonna love you much better' (Give It Up), 'I'm in love with myself' (Wet Dream), 'all those flashlight diamonds / love is distraction' (Love Is Distraction), and titles such as 'Feels Like Love'.

The drug that pumps these veins seems to be that mystery hormone coursing flesh and innervating neural pathways in unpredictable ways; jittery, sober, calm, take the edge off, edgy. The psychic club is just the place where lovers recognise themeslves and other lovers as such; lovers above and beyond all else. Love is the vital elixir, but it's not always uplifting, and that's the point. Nonetheless, once you're in the club it's hard to leave. And why would you want to? The main hope is for some sort of psychic development concerning one's relationship to love itself; this takes time. But it seems to be what HTRK's latst album encourages. The soundtrack to the mundane romance and to the fleeting love all at once. They only exist together. 9-5. Club.

The sound to calm anxious souls, with production by Excepter's Nathan Corbin, members Nigel Lee-Yang and Jonnine Standish have created deep, lethargic, emotive electro for die-hard lovers.

You can purchase Psychic 9-5 Club in all good record stores, or via Mistletone mail order on CD and deluxe 180gm vinyl at: mistletone.net/shop/htrk

Tickets for the album launch shows are on sale NOW and the details are:

MELBOURNE Saturday 26 April 2014 @ The Hi-Fi w/ New War, Regional Curse, DJ Conrad Standish +infos

SYDNEY Saturday 10 May 2014 @ Civic Underground w/ Alba+Guerre, DJs Spiral Sounds, Dave Fernandes (HAHA/D&D) +infos

P.S. i-D did an interview with HTRK here: http://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/read/interviews/2308/australias-htrk-dont-actually-hate-rock


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