1 February 2014

Anno Domini but add another D: faith in Chicks on Speed

Back in 2013 I was commissioned by Artspace, Sydney, to write an essay for the 11th issue of their journal Column, reflecting on the Chicks on Speed exhibition SCREAM, which ran from 13 March through 21 April 2013.

The essay was published online in PDF form in October, to download, please click: http://artspace.org.au/content/pdf/Artspace_2013Column_EIWeber_CoS_LR.pdf

A version of this essay was also published in print in the 4th issue Arcadia_Missa's journal How to Sleep Faster. For more information on this issue, and to purchase a copy - with super cover design by Megan Rooney and a host of wonderful contributions from writers and artists - click here.

Many thanks to Mark Feary and Caraline Douglas at Artspace.


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